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Diesel Ads :) Be Stupid Campaign !


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Arabic Google Doodle :)

وضعت Google بيت شعر لأمير الشعراء أحمد شوقي على شعارها وذلك لقرب ذكرى وفاته كما يبدو . لقراءة القصيدة كاملة

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The History of the iPod


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Graphic Design.

baubauhaus have an amazing collection of Graphic Design posters, probably one of the best you could find on the net.

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I Love Ads :)

Fedex: USA-Brazil CNN Turk: Camera Man Canon PowerShot D10 Underwater Camera: Jacuzzi Flexible fabric. Source :)

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Annie Leibovitz – Life Through A Lens

Annie Leibovitz who is she ?! there is no one of us didn’t come across her work, she’s an american photographer, her works have been in the cover of many popular magazine’s ( Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone ) and this is … Continue reading

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Illustrated Cities Project


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Katy Perry on SNL sketch. “double D more like 3D” god I love Amy Poehler :p

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Worst Tattoo Customer ( LOOOOOOL )

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Top 20 Sexiest Ugly People !

Nerve came up with a funny smart list of the sexiest ugly people alive they got an interesting choice : Amy Winehouse John C. Reilly Woody Allen Howard Stern Steve Buscemi Tilda Swinton Paul Giamatti Courtney Love Mickey Rourke Keith Richards for … Continue reading

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